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Tales of a black man in the city.

6 February
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"I was born in a corrupt system that doesn't give a fuck about you or me or the light"...Sizzla

I was born in Jamaica, but I've been in the states since I was five. I've been living in the DC area since then. I have family in New York, Jamaica, Virginia Beach and Florida, who I go and visit as often as I can. I graduated from Surrattsville high school in 1997 and then went to Towson University. I only stayed there for one year so I guess you can call me a "College Dropout". I started working at a grocery store for rich people. I was in a cafe at first, making lattes, americanos and all that good stuff, then I left for the wine and cheese department. I know more about cheese than any man should ever want to know. Getting tired of my parents asking me if I was going to cut cheese for the rest of my life, I quit. I used the three weeks of vacation time I accrued to find a job. Luckly, at the end of the third week, I replied to an ad in the paper and got a job working for a temp agency. I started working at a couple of law firms doing document coding and had a few assignments answering phones and stuffing envelopes. I got into a fight with my folks and they kicked me out of the house, luckly I had job so that I could pay rent. I ended up sharing an apartment with a lady from Cameroon. She was cool, but her food always smelled like rotten ass. The last assignment I had was working for Anderson consulting, now Accenture. Appearently the Post Office and AC was being sued for doing some shady shit when bidding on the Y2k contract. While working there I intereviewed for a job working at the American Association for the advancement of Science.I got a job as a Sales Coordinator. Been here for five years now.