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Things fall apart [Aug. 29th, 2006|05:28 pm]
Things are getting worse for Black America. Personally I'm doing well, but but a huge percentage of us are seriously struggling. One in four blacks are living in poverty
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I'm so jealous [Jun. 21st, 2006|12:55 pm]
German supermodel Heidi Klum and her popstar husband Seal are expecting another child.

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Here comes the groom [Mar. 27th, 2006|01:08 pm]
[music |Top Shottaz Mix - DJ Ozone]

I've been sick for the last three weeks. I went to the doctor last week and he gave me some medicine. Appearently I was having bronchial spasms. I was coughing like crazy. When I coughed it made my head hurt. Thankfully, I'm better now. Being sick really makes you appreciate not being sick.

I found out yesterday that my man Derrick is getting married next year. Congratulations Big D! It's funny because I used to go to school both him and Diana. Diana at Oxon Hill and Derrick at Surrattsville. I'm definitely going to have to throw him the best batchelor party ever in the history of parties.....Oh wait. Am I the best man????

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It's just something about her... [Mar. 24th, 2006|06:39 pm]
[music |Keyshia Cole - I just want it to be over]

For some reason I'm in love with Keyshia Cole...She makes me insides feel funny...If anyone knows her, put in a good word for me.

I've started a new addiction to myspace. http://www.myspace.com/redmon5

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Remembered [Mar. 7th, 2006|07:24 pm]

"Live today as if it is the day by which you are defined and remembered"
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Three fifths of a Man [Feb. 17th, 2006|01:54 pm]
I am the white man's bitch. A relatively well paid bitch, but a bitch nonetheless. If he says "jump!", I say "How high? When would you like me to jump? And would you like a report about the effectiveness of my jump?". I'm not complaining, it is what it is. I choose to be his bitch because being broke is no joke...If I'm so blessed to have kids one day, I hope my children appreciate this shit! I could be living it up in my grandparent's house (speaking of which, I need to call my grandmother) in Jamaica, picking mangos and running barefoot up and down the place. But, I have to make my own way in life, so I choose to wake up every morning and to donate my time and energy to a white man's dream hoping that he'll continue to share his crumbs with me. One day I'm going to gather my crumbs and buy my own little spot in the Carribbean near a beach, where I will spend many a day barbequeing and drinking Smirnoff Ice with with friends, while the children run around and play, hopefully some of those kids will be mine. Thinking of it, makes day go by so quickly...I gotta go jump now. Peace

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Karma [Feb. 15th, 2006|06:22 pm]
[music |Karma - Lloyd Banks]

I am the one you denied
Brushed off every time I tried
But im alright
I'm able to swallow my pride
And put all the bullshit to the side

If you ready to ride
I'm down for a one night stand
I'll accept it any way that I can
Cuz i aint yo man
I'll try for whatever its worth
Just remember who played who first

It's funny how some songs just seemed to have been written just for you...I'm looking for a car now. I saw this Expedition that's at a really good price, I'm gonna try to get it. I have a last driving lesson on Sunday. Everybody's going to Houston this weekend. I wish I could go, but I gotta take care of this license thing first. I know it's gonna be tight because around 15 girls and only 3 dudes are going. It's cool though, because when Memorial Day comes around I'm gonna be riding fly all the way to Miami.

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Cerebral [Feb. 13th, 2006|01:06 pm]
The database is not working properly so I have a little free time on my hands. Free time usually means that I start having these deep intellectual conversations with myself in search of truth and understanding of complex issues...I started thinking about wealth. It seems so simple, buy things that people are going to want in the future. Easier said than done, of course. The way wealth was created when North America was first settled by the Europeans, people would hunt down an animal, skin it then sell the fur. Based on the prices of fur, I'm sure the demand for fur is just as high today. But if I tried to go into the fur business, it's not as easy as going out into the woods with a shotgun....Not that I plan on becoming Davey Crockett or anything, but the point is that roadblocks have been created by the government to prevent wealth building the way it's been done in the past. I believe this is in large part due to lobbying by those who currently make their wealth in that industry to reduce competition. The question I ask myself, can the lessons of the past be applied to other countries?
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"He woke up like everyone else...." [Feb. 12th, 2006|10:57 pm]

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"If I ruled the world..." [Feb. 9th, 2006|02:02 pm]
[music |Excuse me miss - Jay Z]

I'm glad to see that the elections in Haiti went off without a major hitch. I would like to take a trip there before the year is over. Even though I'd like to go to Africa and Brazil one day, Haiti is a lot closer and is dealing with many of the same problems.

I found a way to get home for only $1.25. It requires that I take two buses and go a long a way. I did it for the first time yesterday. I missed the connecting bus by a few minutes so I had to wait a long time for the next bus to come. It was hella cold but I didn't mind because I know when payday comes around again next week I'll have a few more bucks in the bank account. Now if only I can make this into a habit I'll really can save a lot...After Katrina I think every black person should own a car, because that bus may never come to get you. I can't tell other people to get a car when I don't have one for myself.

I'm starting an organization called the Black Wealth Movement(BWM). One of the things I'd like to promote in BWM is a minumum standard of living (MSoL) for every black person in the country. We would promote companies and policies that help in achieve this standard and we would vigoursly fight companies and policies that makes it harder to achieve this standard. The BWM is not only for those at the bottom of the economic ladder, it will also be a source of information about places to invest & divest money to take advantage of the ever-changing marketplace.

Examples of things in the MSoL:
- You should have at least 4 weeks worth of non-perishable food.
- Every black person of age should have a driver's license and own a car. If you don't have a car you should have enough to buy a car in good enough condition to be able to drive accross the country.
- You should have an emergency fund with at least $1000 in a bank account
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